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A band of brothers that weaves between youth and experience, as dictated by the medium, the message and the moment. A SWAT Team armed with the necessary ammo to craft a brand story so compelling and memorable, that people can't wait to make the brand a part of their life. Now, that’s saying something.

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we're Visualchemy. A new wave creativecreative collectivecollective that likes nothing more than entertaining people into a brand buy-in.

We hate ‘advertising’

You know the moment a brand message starts to feel like ‘advertising’? We hate that. Absolutely hate it. Because that’s the moment, we the viewers, start to feel like ‘Consumers’.

‘Consumers’ who the brands recognise as a random, unknown variable at the receiving end of ‘advertising’. A blind spot, a statistic, the ‘lowest common denominator’. A C-word often remembered only when brands need something from us.

Guess what, ‘consumers’ are people too. And some of these people are advertising professionals too. Faced with ‘advertising’ from brands, the consumer in us calls up the ad professional. And together, this alchemy begins to correct said ‘advertising’ into something that doesn’t feel like a brand reaching into our pocket undeservedly.

Something that feels like well-earned entertainment, a much-needed intermission. Something that aims for a buy-in, not just a sale.

It is this same standard we endeavour to carry into the advertising we create for you. Always keeping things fresh, always raising the bar.
You know, advertising that keeps it real and comes without the

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